modelling and assessment solutions for the defence, aerospace and transport industry


Acquiring, analysing, presenting, implementing, archiving research from around the world.


Geometry creation using specialist and off the shelf software for assessment purposes since 2003. High resolution to low resolution available.


Our team has many years experience in assessment modelling. A knowledge and skill set that has evolved with the latest developments in the field.


Experienced in algorithm and software development, code|software assessment and model evaluation. Custom solutions created for unique problems.

About Us

Our Team offers a wide range of skills and experience.

C.J.Cairns Associates Ltd was established to supply assessment solutions from cradle to grave by a team of specialist associates. Our company incorporates the ability to not only run assessment and manage studies but to develop bespoke tools primarily for vulnerability and lethality studies.

With interchangeable skills our associates are always available to clients to discuss their requirements and receive ongoing progress reports and support.

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Associates Experience



[Our Senior Geometry Developer has worked primarily in the creation of geometry for assessment | visualisations | animation for the Defence Industry since 2003]




[Our Senior Associates have been active in the Defence Industry since the 1970s and 1980s respectively. Working on Land, Air and Sea platforms.]



[Our Senior Associates come from both the commercial and government sector and have been active in V/L Assessment since the 1990s.]




[Our Senior Researcher has been active in a range of research projects since 2009. Including database development for the Defence Industry.]

Software Solutions.

Our associates have developed numerous software solutions for V/L assessment modelling over their years in the industry. Whether it is specific to a particular study or generic modelling techniques. Current development:

  • Conversion software for specialised use.
  • Raytracing development to improved modelling speed.
  • Extensive component database development incorporating information gathered from around the world.
  • Additional plug-in scripts for off-the-shelf 3D packages to increase specific product targets.
  • Toolkit development for advanced assessment solutions.

Finding solutions to complex problems has often resulted in a programming requirement but the process starts with understanding the issues and utilising experience in overcoming them.


Our company can call upon experienced defence analysts to address problems in a wide range of defence issues. Topics may range from specifying and analysing trials to constructing mathematical models or developing software or spreadsheet models to simulate particular processes or events.

Research & Data Collation

Our research & Data Collation service focuses on International open source data. Gathering all available information from a multitude of languages. We present our findings, record, and report.

Analyse of the System(s)

Our next step in the research flow is to identify how components function. Identifying their importance and gathering additional information that may be relevant to modelling and simulation studies.

Fault Trees

Our team uses Fault Trees extensively in their tasks and develop detailed trees based upon the research and the analyse of the system(s) steps.

Geometry Development

Whether it is converting, editing existing files or creating from the ground up from our research & data collation|analyse of the system(s) stages, our geometry is defined by the requirement. With an emphasis on identifying function, fidelity and problematic errors.


Our team has years of experience in solving complex problems surrounding assessment modelling. We assess, develop and write solutions to attain an improved result, which may include increasing the speed of a specific process or detail of the final output.


Running assessments and interpreting their results is a critical skill that we can supply. We can call upon over V/L assessment modelling experience from the late 1970s onwards that includes a wealth of knowledge on past as well as current techniques involving land and air platforms.

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3D Prints

3D Printing Solutions.

To compliment our assessment solutions we offer a range of 3D printing services. These services include printing from converted geometry models used in assessment studies conducted by CJCA to developing 3D prints for presentations and educational purposes.

  • Our 3D re-print solutions start from £300 inc.
  • 3D prints can be developed to identify and display key components with cutaway sections or removal parts.
  • Postproduction options, include realistic or coloured finishes.
  • Re-prints can be purchased online or through contract.

To find out more or to order re-prints directly please contact us here


If you require any further information on our services or would like to discuss a task please contact us below. Technical emails will be forwarded to a specialist for a response. We aim to respond within 24 hours of an initial enquiry.

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